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Guaranteed Admission & Study Visa
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Study Abroad Ghana Agency is operated and owned by Mikor™ Travel & Tours®.
Registerd Corporation located at Transformer Junction, Lashibi, Tema, Ghana.

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Our alliance and partnership with designated Russian Universities and Institutions in Russia gives us the exclusive ability to provide Ghanaian students looking to study in Russia with fast reliable university admissions, lower tuition fees and Guaranteed Russian study visa.

100% Guaranteed Admission & Study Visa

Our consultants will only accept clients we can guarantee visa and admission. If it makes you feel comfortable, we have a refund guarantee policy but our alliance and partnerships with the Russian universities and institutions gives exclusivity that allows us to guarantee you.

48 Hours Admission Screening Approval

After you submit your documents at our office your assigned consultant will get back to you after your admission pre-screening is completed within 48 hours. In some cases, you can get your pre-screening approval instantly at our office.

Reliable & Affordable Study In Russia Service

Study Abroad Ghana Agency aims at providing Ghanaian students who wish to study in Russia with the lowest tuition fees with 100% guaranteed admission & study visa while maintaining reliability for quality service and a better higher education.

Exclusive All Inclusive Package Designed To Meet Your Budget

We provide a one-stop-shop study in Russia service. This service package includes:
  • - Guaranteed admission
  • - Guaranteed Study Visa
  • - Hostel Accommodation
  • - Airport pickup in Russia
  • - 2 Way Air Ticket (With Return)

Over 15 Universities & 3000 Programs To Choose From

With over 3000 programs across 15 universities you can find whatever you want to study in Russia and become a successful high paying professional in your industry.

We Are Here To Help, So We Do It All For You

We understand it takes time and effort to find the right program and the right school with the right tuition fees. We truly understand this, which is why we do it all for you so you “never have to worry about the process”


Secure A High Paying Job By Studying in Russia.


Check if you qualify and follow the instructions after completion or call our office on +233 (0)59 393 6186

Submit Your Documents At Our Office

Submit your document at our office for admission screening and additional paperwork.

Make Final Preparations For Your Trip

Prepare to study in Russia while your documents are being processed.

Travel & Study In Russia

Receive hostel admission, visa, plane ticket and travel to Russia for study.

You Are One Step Away From A High Earning Profession

Study in Russia From Ghana
  • Lower Tuition Fees.
  • Live The European Lifestyle.
  • Become A High Earning Professional.
  • Learn A New Language.
  • Meet People From All Over The World.
  • Russian Visas Make It Easier For Ghanaians To Visit Other European Counties.
  • Several Univeristy Options Available To You For Transfer.
  • Amazing Night Life & Parties For Students Who Enjoy It.

Over 3000 Programs in 15 Universities With Guaranteed Admission & Russian Study Visa

Russia is a great place for Ghanaian students who wish to enjoy the privilege of Higher Education in an European Country with the aim of securing better high paying jobs in the professional world.

Over 3000 Programs in 15 Universities

I.T, Graphics & Engineering

Medicine, Nursing Programs & Related

Economics, Business, Banking, etc...

Humanitarian, Arts & Many More...

+233 (0)59 393 6186


Guaranteed Admission
Guaranteed Study Visa
Guaranteed Refund & more

What People Are Saying About Study In Russia Provided By Study Abroad Ghana Agency

See what our clients are saying about us.
"Our entire process took about 3 weeks from start to finish and finally upon arrival in Russia, we were sent on a tour around the university and the city. Awesome Company! "
Juliet Dzifa Amevoh
Kasoa, Ghana
"I was picked up at the airport and put on the train to Nizhny Novgorod, where my university is at. The service in Ghana was very smooth and the staff at the agency are very friendly and kind. The best!"
Kofi Darko Osei
Newtown, Ghana
"I highly recommend Study Abroad Ghana Agency. Admissions are 100% guaranteed and visa is also genuine. I’m currently in Russia at Tambov State University. Everything happened for me and I’m very grateful for all your help."
Emmanuel Ampofoh
Kumasi, Ghana
"Just as advertised, fast guaranteed services. I recommend students who want to study in Russia to use Study Abroad Ghana Agency by Mikor Travels. Moscow is actually better than I imagined and I really love it here. I want say that, all students in Ghana are welcomed to study in Russia because the people here love Africans. Study Abroad Ghana is doing fantastic work!"
Alice Frimpong
Mamprobi, Ghana
"Study Abroad Ghana Agency helped my son with the Russian university admission, study visa, airport pickup and plane ticket. This was an all in one package and we are proud of the decision we made to use this honourable agency. The great part about this service was that, proper explanation was made along with supporting documents which helped us to quickly understand the benefits of studying in Russia over Ukraine. We recommend Study Abroad Ghana Agency to all Ghanaians looking to travel and study in Russia."
Mrs. Florence Mensah
Tema, Ghana
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Study Abroad Ghana

Study Abroad Ghana Agency is a service provided by Mikor Travel & Tours, Located at Lashibi, Transformer Junction, Tema, Ghana.

+233 (0)59 393 6186

We provide reliable and affordable study abroad services to countries like Russia & Canada for Ghanaian Students who wish to study abroad with the aim of securing a high paying job in the near future.